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Advertising Program

Have your business' logo placed on the Welcome to Elmont Sign dedicated to Paul Sapienza for 1 year.

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Q: What day of of week do you prefer to have meetings regarding the Invest in Elmont scholarship?
A: Saturday mornings at 11am.

Newsday writes about the upcoming Elmont Job Fair

The 2nd annual Elmont Job Fair is picking up steam.  This year's Job Fair, taking place on November 3, 2012 at the Elmont Memorial High School, will have over 50 companies present from a wide range of industries.  If you are looking for employment or a new career, the Elmont Job Fair is the place to be.  Here is a recent story in Newsday.

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Elmont Chamber Members Support Raquelle Vega

Elmont Chamber members will be supporting Raquelle Vega as she runs a half marathon to raise funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  All the members of the Elmont Chamber of Commerce wish her the best of luck.  Those interested in supporting Raquelle’s cause can visit or email [email protected].

Elmont Residents Speak Out About Blockbuster Site

Elmont community members speak out about the lack of economic development on Hempstead Turnpike at the site of the old Blockbuster video.  Read all the Herald story here.

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Elmont's Comeback Team Moves Forward

The Invest in Elmont program is growing and moving forward.  Originally for Elmont residents only, the $5,000 scholarship program is now open to all juniors and seniors of the five high schools comprising the Sewanhaka Central High School District.  Invest in Elmont, which is sponsored by the Elmont Chamber of Commerce, is an entrepreneur program where students create business ideas and write business plans on how they would "Invest in Elmont".  The winning business idea wins a $5,000 cash scholarship to further their education.  Here's a link to a story on Invest in Elmont recently featured in the Franklin Square/Elmont Herald.

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Having Trouble Taking a Vacation?

If you're like most small businesses, do you feel your business will collapse if you take a vacation?  Elmont chamber members should read this article for some helpful tips.

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Elmont Chamber Pole Banner Program

Interested in promoting your business? Perhaps advertising on an attractive pole banner along Hempstead Turnpike is the perrfect opportunity.  For more details on the Elmont Chamber's Pole Banner Program, contact Paul Sapienza at [email protected].

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Elmont Chamber Introduces Welcome Basket

The Elmont Chamber of Commerce is proud to intorduce the Welcome Basket Program.  All new residents to Elmont will receive this beautiful basket together with a bouquet of flowers and literature from participating Elmont Chamber businesses.  "The Welcome Basket is great way to welcome new residents to the Elmont community and a great way for Chamber businesses to introduce themselves to potential customers" said Elmont Chamber President Paul Sapienza.  The Welcome Basket program is only available to Elmont Chamber businesses.  If you would like to join the Chamber click on this link, or call Chamber at 516-864-4219.

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Invest in Elmont seeks Entrepreneurs

The groundbreaking Invest in Elmont $5,000 Scholarship is expanding.  Juniors and Seniors from Elmont Memorial High School, Sewanhaka High School, Floral Park Memorial High School, New Hyde Park Memorial High School and H Frank Carey High School can now particpate in the entrepreneur program.  Read the full story in Newsday.  For more information on Invest in Elmont, email [email protected], or call (516) 362-6450.

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Shop Elmont for Back to School Supplies

It's back to school time for all the students in Elmont.  The Elmont Chamber of Commerce encourages all the parents to consider shopping in a local Elmont business for their back to school supplies.  The local Elmont merchant will appreciate your business.  Shop local, shop Elmont.

Elmont's Own Titus Williams Retains his 132lb Title

The Elmont Chamber of Commerce congratulates Titus Williams, 2012 winner of the Invest in Elmont $5,000 Scholarship, for retaining his 132lb title at the Amateur Boxing Champoinships.  Great work Titus!  Read the full story below:

Titus Williams Defends his Title-Newsday

Hempstead Turnpike Roadwork in Elmont to Begin this Month

Good news coming out of NYS Comptroller DiNapoli's office.  The Hempstead Turnpike bride deck over the vehicle-pedestrian access road to Belmont Park in Elmont will be replaced. Work will begin this month and is expected to be completed by year's end.

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Elmont Alum Attends Conference in China

Congratulations to Elmont Memorial High School alum Justin Andrews for receiving "Outstanding Delegate" at the international Model UN Conference in China.  This is just another example of Elmont students shining on the international stage.  A link to the full story is below:

Justin Andrews receives Outstanding Delegate at the international Model UN-LI Herald

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Elmont Farmer's Market is Back

The Elmont Farmer's Market is back for its 2nd season at the Alva T Stanforth Sports Complex on Hemsptead Turnpike.  The freshest local fruits and vegetables will be available in Elmont every Thursday until November 15th.  This year, the hours have been extended to 6pm to make the market more accessible to working adults.  Read the full story by clicking on the link below:

Elmont Farmer's Market Back for 2nd Season-LI Herald

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This is what other business owners are saying about the benefits of being a member of the Elmont Chamber of Commerce.

     "Joining the Elmont Chamber has been good for my business.  I made back the membership dues in 1 week with new accounts.  Everything after that was gravy." 
     Andy, E&K Printing

     "The Chamber has given me so many opportunities to promote my business at different events in Elmont. Priceless."
     Carl Achille, The Shop 

     "Economic development is very important to my business.  When it comes to this issue, the Elmont Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice fighting for the interests of the small business owner and the community.  We need the Elmont Chamber to maintain their strong and independent voice in the community.”
     Muzzio Tallini, Signature Organization

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This Elmont Chamber of Commerce is about people and businesses coming together around new ideas to move Elmont forward, with experienced leadership at the helm.

The Elmont Chamber of Commerce needs your work, your passion and your ideas. Join our team and let's work together toward a better Elmont. 

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Help us support small business in Elmont. You can help online, on the phone, at events, or in your neighborhood.

We can't improve Elmont without your help, so get involved ...

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