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Legal Insider Bot review: This may be the biggest binary signals release of all time. NOTE: This product is EXTREMELY time-limited. The Hedgefund Pool ($45m) allows only 90 Applicants. It looks like about 30 have been filled. Sign up IMMEDIATELY here. What I’m excited about with the release of Legal Insider Bot is how it is backed by an actual insurance policy against losses, along with the backing of hedge fund manager for Bluecrest Financial, Greg Marks. Nothing like this has EVER been offered before. Normally, I’m skeptical of free binary options signals systems. Some are scams, some are over-hyped, but a few do deliver on their promises. Most of them are free — and that’s great — but not all of them stay free for long (they usually go for $997–5000 dollars after the trial periods are over). I use every single of one them anyway, because that is part of my Super Signals trading strategy and Master List free mentor program you can read about here. This one is different. Legal Insider Bot is unlike any other ever released, and may set the standard for others to come.

This software developer has gone out of its way to guarantee that their system works. They have, for the first time, persuaded some of the industry’s biggest brokers to offer their depositors an insurance policy to cover any losses in their account as a result of using “Legal Insider Bot”!

You are backed by a $500,000 insurance policy by the broker It’s good to have as many signals sources as possible. Many of these systems do work and are based on advanced algorithms and data computation models that provide high-success signals, which result in successful trades and huge profit margins. Nothing has me more excited right now than Legal Insider Bot. What they have done is offer something no one else has EVER offered: insurance-backed performance guarantees. This is 100% REAL and NOT a scam. I’ve checked it and double-checked it. The $500,000 insurance policy is REAL.

Do you want something that is iron-clad and safe?

By signing up with Legal Insider Bot, your trading account will be protected by a huge insurance policy that guarantees any of your losses will be reimbursed. You simply cannot lose with Legal Insider Bot. Greg Marks has done this because he believes his bot works. This is an unprecedented move If their software does not work, brokers stand to lose millions because they will be paying out huge sums in insurance claims if their system fails. It is very uncharacteristic of any broker to sign on for something like this, so they must be confident it works and that it’s not a scam.

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I’ll be updating this review in a month with my full results! If you have any questions, email me here and I’ll reply as soon as I can (bear in mind, I get about 150 emails a day!).
If you want to know how I make money with binary options, check out my
“Super Signals System” article.

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