Dear Elmont Community,

     The Elmont Chamber of Commerce’s members are a dynamic group of business owners and professionals dedicated to the well-being of Elmont. Within our website we have provided a wealth of information including a directory of Elmont Chamber members, a listing of Elmont Chamber sponsored events, and useful links to the many community resources available to the residents of Elmont.

     The members of the Elmont Chamber of Commerce form a group of people who are dedicated to keeping Elmont a great place to live, work and raise a family. If you are an Elmont business person or professional and share these goals, we need you on our team. Please contact me directly about the benefits of belonging to the Elmont Chamber of Commerce.

     I ask all residents to give our local businesses the opportunity to be of service to them. Their survival depends on the support of local residents. In return, your local business will invest in the community they do business in by hiring local people, paying local taxes, and by supporting our local organizations and civic projects. Elmont merchants continue to offer a wide variety of quality products and services, and are ready to be of service to you and your family.

     Remember, “Shop Local, Shop Elmont”.

Yours truly,

Paul Sapienza, President
Elmont Chamber of Commerce


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